RENT TAPE no​.​6


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TRACK LISTINGS and notes on RENT!!

SIDE A: part one

1. Bad Fate
"This Olympic City"

2. Margy Pepper
"Mutual Kool Aid"

"There is a struggle between our desires to create homes out of houses, and the instability of renting to a landlord - - the threat of eviction or raised rent is very present and often discourages us from creating the centres of warmth and comfort that we need to survive in this world."

3. Collapsing Opposites
"Gentrification Now Begins" unreleased

"Will there by any venues left by the time this tape is released? Will there be any houses? How can a band avoid being a "First wave gentrifier?" in such an unaffordable and rapidly changing city? How can we be responsible citizens?

Gentrification! Gentrification now begins!
People aware of their role as gentrifiers! "

4. True Crush
"Bad bugs"

"One time, Marita moved into a bedbug infested house with a bunch of our friends and Celina was supposed to but didn't. They lived there for three months: it was the worst of times, and it was the worst of times. It's hard enough living iwth an infestation in your home because it affects every aspect of your life, and fighting against an evil landlord is extremely challenging and disheartening. The RTB does not protect people who are marginalized and lack the money, time or resources to deal with the bureaucratic process. This song is about going crazy from bedbugs but ultimately overcoming it and becoming champions."

RTB =residential tenancy branch

5. Jeremy Todd
"What'll we do if they sell the building?"

"My one sentence relating to rent > Property is Theft"

6. Family Video
"A view from the harbour" unreleased

"When I look at my dad's old photos, i can't believe what they want to do now. And you won't know what to say to your kids, why do they ruin such beautiful things? They want to ruin my favourite view, my favourite place where I go and dream. They want to put a fence around my heart, but me and my friends are gonna tear it down."

SIDE A: part two
7. Concessions Kill
"supporters are divided" unreleased"

"This song is dedicated to the ongoing picket down at pidgeon park.
A line in the sand for social housing, say the organizers."

8. Ok Vancouver Ok
"Capitalism is the reason"

"Speaking a message clear,
We need more homes up in here,
Where did your childhood go?
Why would you snort that blow?
Capitalism is the reason"

9. Cascadia
"Templeton Pool (six up)"

"Cooperate, collaborate, communize!!

so many cranes on the block
where can we go
templeton centre pool
we used to know

we can still go swimming
water runs out, no ending
and the cops clear us out
that's when we go underground"

10. Gabriel Saloman

11. Jen Efting
"I call home"

"I'm a renter living in the shadow of the port with my daughter, my partner, my dog and my cat."

12. x373703
"Neighbour' unreleased

"I am an unemployed scientist, and I depend on my girlfriend to pay most of our rent. I don't know my neighbours. They don't say hello to me. They don't hold the door. Or give me a spare key.

13. Helliot Fanglord
"Ode to Vancouver" or "The days are numbered at Thor's palace'

"We're gonna lose our house,
We're gonna lose our home.
Cuz this land isn't our land
And this house we don't own,
Get your bed, get your clothes

Get your records and books, get out!
it's sold, it's sold, it's sold
this city's gonna drive us out
they're gonna tear it down"

Side A: part one
1. Derek Wheeler
"Rent Strike!"

"The wealthy claim ownership over stolen land and rent it out to the working class for profit. Participation is obligatory. We are condemned to a life of wage slavery. There is no true public space, and we don't own anything. "

"the renovictions at 1850 adanac street"

"Dozens of tenants were evicted from the apartment buildings across the street from where I used to live. We would walk down the hallways, and notice the eviction notices on the doors, even targeting tenants who had lived there for 20 years +. There were tenants in the building that tried to resist the evictions, and we did have a press conference, but they were just targeted further. The aquilinis are maniacs. The rents went from 700 or so a month to 1400$$ and all the landlords had to do was switch tenants and perform a so called renovations.

3.So you think you can sleep
“non-families of granview park”

“They say they’re friends of the park, but what they really mean to say, is that they’re friends of business. They want to push us out of the neighbourhood, but we will haunt them.”

4. Pedagogues
“Kill your landlord” unreleased

“This is the last bit of this that I have; burning a hole in my pocket. But I gotta put in in the goffers of an institution that turns my poverty into its profit. Kill your landlord.
Rent sentence: they take half of your wages and then tell you to mow the lawn.”

5. Concessions Kill
“condos, we can’t afford them, and they are ugly” unreleased

“it’s the first of the month, they came to pick up the rent. Reinforcing their ownership, we live month to month. And we always pay on time, that doesn’t stop them from tearing it down and building condos, we can’t afford those”

6. Snot Rocket
"Property is theft" unreleased

" To whoever set fire to the condos, we just want to thank you for what you did. We know the paper called you a bunch of cowards, but next time we hope everyone joins in
We don't think that we should have to pay rent,
We don't believe in anything it represents
We think it's clear to see that property is theft
And don't forget that this land is stolen! "

7. Menopause
"Gentry Fuck-you"

"fuck you over priced beers, tacky chandeliers, fuck you tapas menues, fuck you lanalous, yeah, I mean, I like my gluten free vegan alternatives, chocolate porter and all that but, .... but yeah,
Fuck you fauxbalt! GENTRY FUCK YOU"

8. Xania

"Has a rooftop as a home, sky as a ceiling, crows as an alarm.

Living on a rooftop was actually quite comfortable. When it rained, there was a little shack made of found wood to sleep under, and the sunrises helped me wake up early, which made me feel productive. Then another friend said we could move into his room in a basement downtown near Hastings. It was small, it was illegal, it was dirty, it had no windows, no air and we shared the kitchen and bathroom with 8 other tenants. It was also $450 dollars a month. The landlord was a very angry man who was often drunk.
One day, he found out that there was more than one person living in the room, which I didn't think would be a problem, but it was a big problem to him. He told us that we had to pay an extra $200 by the next day. And if we didn't pay, he would throw all our instruments outside."

9. Payday Millionaire

that's what you get
in the city scape
can't make mistakes
you went and bought yourself six hundred square feet
you went and told yourself
this is exactly what I need"

Side B; Part two

10. Kim hearty
"Vancouver's Municipal Party Speech'

11. I make earthquakes
"The rumbling'

"A windy day, and we sat on the side with the neighbours and watched the bulldozers take it down. More people gathered around, we waited for the windows to break and fall and the earth, it started to shake, and more came round, till the whole street could see the tables and couches and belongings. They were left inside!

The pounding, could feel it in the ground
the rumbling, our bodies shook around

this could be your house, this could be where you live.
it could happen to any of us, with two weeks notice."

12. So you think you can sleep
"Police (fuck the)"

"we don't need police, because we don't own property'

13.Noisy tits
"Eviction Notice"

"Where we gonna go now?
In a lot of ways, gentrification, and our resistance to it, is one of the most pertinent issues facing Vancouver today. We dream of the day when this is not the case, no more slumlords, no more evictions, no more homelessness, no more poverty. For us, as queer punks, anti poverty issues are intimately connected to queer and trans liberation. For instance, the Stonewall and Compton's cafeteria riots were both started by low-income streetqueens and bull dykes. And so, by fighting gentrification, we are honouring the histories and legacies of our queer/ trans elders. "
<3 <3 <3 <3

14. Gooseland
"I'm gonna kill my landlord"
my roomie says compliance,
let's not resort to violence,
but we're not resorting to violence cause we've been living with
the violence. VANCOUVERXX is violence!! RENT IS VIOLENCE.

15. Ok vancouver ok

"when I come over to your house, I can always be satisfied,
everytime I come over, I am always welcome inside.
There is something to be said about sharing.
Sharing everything you want to give.
Each of us has our own way of giving, and
i can feel it when you are giving to me."


released July 9, 2013



all rights reserved


MENSES Vancouver, British Columbia

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